Water Restoration & Emergency Services in Denver

Based in the Denver Metropolitan area and serving the entire Colorado Front Range, Jim Black Construction is a full service General Contractor specializing in all property emergency restoration services for residential and commercial structures suffering fire and smoke damage, water, asbestos, mold, and other forms of peril. With over 35 years of property restoration experience in Colorado, Jim Black Construction employs the most knowledgeable and talented project managers and superintendents in the industry. With divisions in Construction, Roofing, and Water Mitigation, our emergency property restoration services allows us to handle projects in any aspect of construction and of any magnitude. 

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We Offer Disaster Restoration Services To The Following:

Residential Restoration
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Restoration Services

Our project managers and superintendents are dedicated to providing the same great service to our customers no matter where your project is and what services are required. 

We are Committed to Quality Construction & Emergency Restoration
and Building Long-Term Relationships

Jim Black Construction is a proud, local Colorado business that provides sound workmanship and follows ethical business practices. Led by our executive division leaders, our dynamic team of professionals has the experience and expertise to ensure jobs are completed to the highest standards. We genuinely care about your satisfaction and well-being as we aim to build long-term relations to look after all your construction needs.

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Easy & Stress-Free Emergency Restoration

We understand that when an owner finds themselves in need of our property restoration and repair services, their lives have just been significantly disrupted by extensive property damage. In some cases, our customers have even lost everything.

At Jim Black Construction, we are committed to ensuring your property restoration project is an easy and stress-free process, working closely with all parties involved. Since 1981, our Mission has been to build long-term relationships by providing quality fire and storm damage repair together with efficient management and exceptional customer service, all while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness with our clients, customers, and employees.

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Emergency Reconstruction & Water Damage Restoration Based in Thornton, CO

Welcome to Jim Black Construction. We’re a team of passionate contractors focusing on restoring residential, commercial, and multi-family properties. Our office locations in Thornton and Colorado Springs allow us to serve the greater Denver Metro Area and Front Range with essential restoration services 24/7, 365 days a year.


With over 40 years of experience providing emergency restoration service, we’re equipped with a wide array of skills to handle every facet of construction.

Whether you require quality roofing contractors, water damage restoration, fire damage repair, storm damage repair, or full residential reconstruction, Jim Black Construction has the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to get the job done right.

Specializing in Satisfaction

While Jim Black Construction is a team of general contractors, our approach to our projects is anything but general. Our team has grown into a collection of experts in their respective fields, and as each of us learns from the others, our talents continue to develop. We’re excited to pass along this expertise to our customers.

If your home or property is suffering from a covered peril loss due to fire, water, sewer, mold, hail, or vehicle impact damage, we guarantee that we’ll have the capability to restore it to its pre-loss condition. And regardless of the type of damage you’re struggling with, our entire team is unequivocally devoted to your satisfaction.

Meeting Emergency with Urgency

We are dedicated to providing efficiant emergency restoration services We’re compassionate about our customers’ situations and recognize that a disruption like this can change everything. We understand that the last thing you should have to deal with is more stress, and time and money are more valuable than ever at a time like this.

Our emergency restoration philosophy is simple: provide our customers with a streamlined and stress-free process. Having worked in restoration for over 40 years, our talented staff can handle any restoration swiftly, any time of day or year.

You’ll remain our top priority from the moment you call our office until we put the finishing touches on your project.

We’re committed to building a solid and friendly relationship with our communities, and we’re even more driven to deliver on every one of our promises. With a residential reconstruction from Jim Black Construction, you can expect nothing but the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and integrity.Our fire damage repair service and storm damage repair service has given our customers relief from the stress of having damaged property.

Stopping at Nothing to Anticipate Everything

Aside from a dedication to our craft and customer experience, we’re also proud to be prepared for any situation. Because one emergency can often create a host of other problems, such as storm damage causing leaks that lead to water damage, we realized early on how important it was for us to offer our customers solutions to all emergencies.

You can consider Jim Black Construction a one-stop shop for your entire project. You won’t have to worry about the frustration of calling around to local companies to get quotes—a process that will only add to your stress in the middle of a crisis.

No matter the size, scope, or scenario of your emergency, you can trust the Jim Black Construction team to have your back.

Water Damage Repair Service

Water or flooding can wreak havoc on your home or business, and it often comes in tandem with other emergency situations. Even worse, it’s been silently damaging your structure or belongings for weeks or months. When wrestling with the perils of water damage, our professionals know that every moment counts. That means our water damage repair service is done with quality, compassion, and professionalism.

If you’ve found yourself treading water in an emergency, call our offices for water remediation assistance 24/7. Jim Black Construction is standing by to help you get your life back with our trained and certified water damage restoration technicians.

Storm Damage Repair Service

The storms in Colorado can be devastating, hail and heavy rain can cause significant damage. While some damage can be catastrophic in scale and easy to spot, some of it isn’t as obvious, especially when you consider your roof.

Jim Black Construction is dedicated to providing our storm damage repair service and replace, and restore any damage your roof might sustain. These experts are just another example of how our multiple in-house divisions can jump into action with their specialized skills to set things right.

If you’re dealing with extensive storm damage that goes beyond something a roofing contractor can repair or replace, we have the solution for that, too. We understand that storms can create complicated situations, from electrical fires to water damage. But our staff are always here to help you weather the storm.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Fires are often some of the most devastating disasters for homes and businesses. And when the fire is over, you’re left wondering how you can even begin to rebuild. Jim Black Construction knows that the rebuilding and healing process should begin as quickly as possible to get your life back on track.

The state-of-the-art equipment we use in our smoke and fire damage repair service will restore your property to its former state. Meanwhile, our expert cleaning team can help treat any damage from smoke residue or ash caused by fire damage to your property.

Mold Damage

Compared to other kinds of property damage, mold might not seem like a big deal to the untrained eye. But anyone who has experienced extensive mold growth knows how problematic it can be. Mold can severely impair the health of your family or employees and leave your property with an unattractive musty smell.

Part of the Jim Black Construction water remediation process is tackling water damage quickly to reduce the likelihood of mold growth that could cause health issues. We’ll also find the source of the water that’s feeding the mold and take care of it to prevent further damage. You’ll be breathing fresh air in no time.

Asbestos and Biohazards

A dangerous environment isn’t always as apparent as a tree falling on your garage. Sometimes, dangers we can’t see are equally as serious. When you need environmental remediation services, we’re prepared to take the reins.

If you’re up against biohazards like asbestos or lead, you can trust Jim Black Construction to remove and dispose of the source of the hazard quickly and safely. And because we’re an emergency service, we’re always available to help you to get rid of the health risk as soon as possible.

Impact Damages

Damage from a vehicle impact or other object is often more than disruptive. It could mean that you’re without power, water, or an entire section of your home or building.

Jim Black Construction’s multi-pronged approach to impact damage emergencies is perfect for managing several problems at once. You can leave all the planning to us, and we’ll make sure we work with you every step of the way toward your property’s restoration.

Structural Damage

Any structural damage done to your building envelope invites moisture into the infrastructure. This damage can snowball into issues with water damage, mold, and even the degradation and eventual failure of the entire structure.

Jim Black Construction can help save your building’s structure through a thorough inspection, reinforcement, and cleaning of any areas that may be compromised. Once done, we move into our disater repair service to bring your structure back to a habitable one.

Claim Management

We’re sympathetic to the initial reaction when you experience a disaster: you’re concerned about dealing with your insurance and how to handle your claim. When you work with the professionals at the offices of Jim Black Construction, you can put those fears to rest.

From the very beginning, we assure you we’re in this together, so the process of working with your insurance carrier becomes much less frustrating. We have managed countless emergencies, and that gives us the real-life experience to help you get precisely what you deserve from your insurance claim.

Mending More Than Homes

The unexpected happens all the time, and as the busy owner of a home or business, you won’t always be ready for it. At Jim Black Construction, we consider it our job to be ready for you.
Our customer-centric approach to property emergency restoration is affordable, comprehensive, and extends well beyond our goal of doing good business. It stems from a passion for our customers, community, and calling. Whatever your situation or struggle, you can trust Jim Black Construction to help put it back together again.