Environmental Damage Restoration Services: Mold Remediation, Asbestos Abatement, & Lead Paint Removal

Throughout the Denver metro and surrounding areas, there are many homes and commercial buildings that were built prior to 1980 and could potentially contain hazardous building materials such as asbestos, mold, and lead-containing paints. Materials with asbestos and lead paints but are in good repair are not dangerous to the occupants; however, when disaster strikes, these building materials may become disturbed and may then become potentially very dangerous. This is why Jim Black Construction offers mold remediation, asbestos abatement, and lead paint removal services. These dangerous materials may also be EPA and CPDHE-regulated materials which will require proper handling, cleanup, and disposal. In addition, water leaks can be a problem, especially if they go unnoticed for a period of time. High moisture levels can cultivate mold growth and lead to a need for mol remediation. Mold also poses significant health risks to occupants and requires proper removal and cleaning to make the affected areas safe again.

Image of fire damage to part of a home

Asbestos Abatement:

  • CDPHE Licensed General Abatement Contractor
  • On staff CDPHE Licensed Building Inspectors
  • On staff CDPHE Licensed Abatement Supervisors
  • Residential removal of drywall, plaster, floor tiles & sheet vinyl
  • Commercial removal of thermal system insulation, surfacing materials & all other ACM
  • Exterior roofing paper, mastics & shingles 
  • Exterior siding & EFIS abatement
  • Highly trained staff able to identify potential issues or concerns regarding asbestos
  • Every JBC asbestos abatement project is inspected and cleared by a third-party hygienist
Image of a building having lead paint removed from its exterior

Lead Paint Removal & Renovations:

  • EPA Certified Lead Renovation & Repair Firm
  • Lead paint removal
  • Lead-containing paint removal
  • Exterior siding paint repair & removal
  • Lead-paint testing & analysis
  • Shrouded demolition tools & wet methods
  • HEPA filtered vacuuming & engineering controls where necessary
Image of mold remediation work happening to a floor and wall.

Mold Remediation:

  • IICRC Certified Mold Remediation Firm
  • JBC’s mitigation staff has over 75 combined years of mold remediation experience
  • Proper assessment of affected materials & baseline testing
  • Proper use of containments & negative air pressure to ensure safety
  • Every JBC mold remediation project is inspected & cleared by a third-party hygienist
  • All projects are performed utilizing state-of-the-art engineering controls by highly-trained technicians

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Asbestos is a naturally occurring, fibrous mineral that was commonly used prior to 1978 in a wide array of building materials. Asbestos-containing products, if left intact, are not hazardous, until disturbed. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is one of a handful of state departments that has set more stringent asbestos regulations than the federal regulation established by the EPA. In this regard, CDPHE requires that, regardless of the age of installation, all suspect building materials require testing prior to any demolition. Unfortunately, asbestos can still be found in new products imported from other countries as well as in structures built prior to the asbestos production ban.
  • Asbestos exposure due to the inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma, which are both life-threatening and incurable diseases. If exposed, Asbestos abatement is immediately needed for the environment you were impacted in.  The EPA states that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. Don’t make the mistake of trivially dismissing the potential hazards of asbestos for your or the building occupants.
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  • Lead based paints or other surface coatings of concern are those that contain lead in excess of 1.0 milligrams per centimeter squared or 0.5 percent by weight.
  • Lead Containing paints or other similar surface coating materials of concern are those that contain lead or lead compounds in excess of 0.06 percent by weight.
  • Lead-based and lead-containing paints present similar dangers during the renovation and repair process. These materials require specialized “non-dust generating” lead paint removal techniques and cleaning to prevent exposure.
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  • Mold is ever-present in our environment. The mold that affects homes and buildings is the same mold that is present within the exterior air. Normal “background levels” of mold do not pose a risk to building materials until they become wet and damp, at which point they can become an active food source for mold spores to begin colonizing the building. If mold colonies are left unchecked, the health risk increase as the mold increases. At this point, mold remediation is needed. Everyone’s individual immune response to mold and the volatile organic compounds emitted by mold is different and unpredictable, but this issue should not be taken lightly. Proper removal, cleaning, and post-remediation verification testing are the only ways to properly remove the health risks associated with amplified mold issues.
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Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation, & Lead Paint Removal Services | Denver Metro Area

Your home is your safe haven and the place where you're meant to feel the most comfortable, but many older homes harbor environmental hazards you may not even realize are affecting your quality of life and health. Asbestos, lead paint, and mold are unfortunately common in older homes, and they can each pose significant health risks if not handled and removed by a professional.


While many of these might lie dormant in your home and not cause much of a problem at all, environmental damage can disrupt them and make your home a more dangerous place to live. Add in high moisture levels from flooding or intense storms, and problems like mold can grow or worsen.

Jim Black Construction is a team of contractors specializing in environmental damage restoration services for properties in the Denver Metro Area. If you think any of these dangerous materials may be within your home or business, we encourage you to reach out to us to ensure their safe, fast, and complete removal.

2About Jim Black Construction

Jim Black Construction has spent over 40 years in the industry as a licensed, full-service general contractor. We specialize in restoring residential, multi-family, and commercial properties, and each of our talented team members undergoes special training within our five in-house divisions focusing on various project types. Our services revolve around environmental damage services, including fire, water, hail, sewer, flood, asbestos, and building envelope issues.

Jim Black Construction is available for emergency services as well, able to assist with environmental damage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our field and office teams will work together to establish a plan to complete any job to your total satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for environmental damage services that allows you to avoid calling around and setting up appointments with various contractors.

When disaster strikes, whether it's something as immediate as a house fire or as elusive as asbestos, call Jim Black Construction to get life back on track again.

Asbestos Abatement Services

Before experts knew of the health risks associated with it, builders would use asbestos in homes as a form of insulation. It was also excellent for fortifying fireproof materials like concrete and bricks.

Nevertheless, breathing in asbestos fibers can make you unwell. They’re no longer a common threat in homes built after the 1980s, but even still, you often won't realize you feel sick from asbestos until years later. The latency period for diseases asbestos can cause, primarily asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, is anywhere from 10 to 40 years, and the more asbestos you breathe in, the more likely you will get severely sick.

With that being said, if you're concerned your home may have asbestos lingering in its walls, take action to protect your and your family's health. The Jim Black Construction team is more than qualified to handle asbestos abatement at any property.

Our highly trained team can identify and diagnose problem areas of your home that may contain asbestos, and we're also a CDPHE-licensed general abatement contractor, meaning we've passed the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's requirements for handling and safely removing asbestos from properties in the Denver Metro area.

Asbestos Abatement and Removal Details

When you call our team for asbestos abatement and removal, we'll scour every part of the building to uncover any concerning areas. Once we've found asbestos, we can start the removal process. We're capable of removing drywall, floor tiles, drywall, and sheet vinyl at residential properties and can also help remove thermal system insulation and surfacing materials at commercial properties. We're also qualified to assess exterior roofing paper, mastics, siding, and shingles.

No matter the circumstances, we don't leave anything up to chance regarding our asbestos abatement services. None of our projects are complete unless a third-party hygienist first clears them by inspecting our work and ensuring that the asbestos is sufficiently removed.

Mold Remediation Services

Mold is similar to asbestos in that it can significantly affect your health without you even realizing it, but one of the main differences between the two is how frequently you'll find mold, even in newer homes.

Although it typically doesn't cause dangerous health problems among healthier individuals, mold can still be a major detriment to your quality of life in that it reduces the air quality in your home and triggers severe allergic reactions, even in individuals who don't usually experience allergies from other sources (like dust or pollen).

Mold loves moisture, so if you think you have a mold problem, there's a good chance that either water damage or a leak has formed somewhere around your home. Mold can grow on virtually any surface imaginable, but the good news is that you can quickly identify mold colonies through both sight and smell. Still, if the colony is in a location you don't ordinarily frequent or can't see, it may still send out spores and impact the air quality in your home or business.

Jim Black Construction knows how frustrating it can be to deal with mold in your home, and we're here to put a stop to it with expert mold remediation services. Our mold mitigation team has over 75 years of combined experience, so there's nothing we haven't seen before. We're also certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, confirming our dedication to continued learning and showcasing our reliability to our Denver customers.

Mold Remediation Details

If you suspect your property has a mold problem, we'll start with a general building assessment, checking all potentially affected materials and conducting baseline testing to determine the issue. Our team also has experience properly containing mold during the remediation process using negative air pressure, which ensures that no other part of your home will be affected by its spores during our project.

Like our asbestos abatement services, we aren't satisfied with our work until we get the green light from a third-party hygienist. These unbiased hygienists will confirm your property is mold-free, providing you with peace of mind in knowing that another industry professional has checked it.

Lead Paint Removal Services

Most homes built before 1980 still contain some amount of lead-based paint, and though there are ways to manage it properly, it can become a severe health risk if it deteriorates. Lead's high toxicity means it doesn't take much to experience lead poisoning — which can cause many long-term health issues by damaging vital organs, including the brain, kidneys, and the central nervous system — and younger children are especially vulnerable to defects like learning disabilities, seizures, and behavioral problems.

When lead paint breaks down and mixes in with other particles in your home, it's easy for you and your family to ingest small amounts of it accidentally, and while there are some mitigation tactics out there that you can use to lower your chances of lead poisoning, like mopping floors more frequently and discarding loose paint chips when you see them, the most efficient and surefire way to handle and remove the lead paint in your home is to call upon the professionals at Jim Black Construction.

Lead Paint Removal Services Details

Having lead paint in your home is a serious situation that requires contractors who take the issues and risks associated with it seriously. With that said, we’re experts in removing both lead-based paint and any other material that contains lead. Even if you're unsure whether your home has lead paint, we can perform cursory testing and analysis to determine our next steps.

We take great care when removing lead paint using shrouded demolition tools, wet methods, and HEPA-filtered vacuuming if necessary. Furthermore, we've received certification from the EPA as a Lead Renovation and Repair firm.

Your Home Should Be a Safe Environment

Feeling safe, healthy, and comfortable at home is just a phone call away. Contact the team at Jim Black Construction to learn more about our environmental damage restoration services and schedule an appointment today.

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