Contents Restoration Services

Jim Black Construction has a state-of-the-art content cleaning facility. Our facility houses a custom ultrasonic cleaning system that is revolutionizing the way the industry handles content cleaning and storage. Jim Black Construction is thus pioneering a new model for content handling and cleaning within the industry. JBC has quickly become the local leader in pack-outs, inventory, processing, and the delivery of cleaned and stored contents. With almost every peril, claims regarding the home contents become a large portion of the work needed to get you back to normal when disaster strikes. JBC’s team of dedicated contents specialists can pack an entire house full of contents utilizing groundbreaking software and procedures that protect your contents and make sure that damaged items if salvageable are brought back to pre-loss conditions. 

Restoration Services Offered:

  • State-of-the-art processing facility
  • Electronic evaluation & inventory
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Plant-based products cleaning and decontamination
  • Hydroxyl chambers
  • Two climate-controlled storage warehouses
  • Individual secure storage vaults
  • Instant access to personal property
  • Professionally packed, shipped, and stored
  • Corrosion mitigation

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning:

JBC utilizes a top-of-the-line ultrasonic cleaning system to clean and restore contents like you would never have thought possible. The system uses ultrasonic high-frequency sound waves to remove contaminants form the surfaces of materials without damaging the surface substrate. Ultrasonic immersion cleaning technology can penetrate microscopic areas of items that would have been impossible to clean by hand or with detergents alone. The cavitation of microbubbles produced by the sound waves creates extreme heat and pressure, which lifts contaminates from surfaces safely. The process is delicate enough for crystal stemware and tough enough to remove years of soiling from internal engine parts. Once items are cleaned, dried, and deodorized, they are professionally packed and stored until delivery is scheduled.

Secure Packing & Storage Services Included