Emergency Reconstruction & Restoration Services

Jim Black Construction is a full-service licensed general contractor specializing in the emergency reconstruction of residential, commercial, and multi-family properties. With over 35 years in the industry, our team of professionals can handle projects of any nature and size, and covering all types of damage including, fire, water, hail, vehicle impact, and building envelope with “wear and tear.” With state-of-the-art technology and our expert management team, Jim Black Construction offers 24/7/365 service to meet all your needs. Our project managers, superintendents, and field personnel will work with you to package all aspects of your job to create a seamless project from start to finish.

Emergency Reconstruction Services Offered:

  • Personal project manager 
  • Residential, commercial & multi-family
  • Damage assessment & estimates 
  • Fire & water damage experts
  • Soot/smoke removal & deodorization
  • Demolition & debris removal 
  • Framing, windows & siding
  • Concrete & masonry
  • Decks, patios & fireplaces 
  • Electrical, plumbing, heating & cooling
  • Insulation, drywall & painting 
  • Windows, cabinets, doors & trim
  • Floor coverings & appliances
  • Roofing, gutters & skylights
  • Architectural design & engineering 

Project Management Experts

At Jim Black Construction, you are assigned your own personal project manager (PM), who wears many hats to make sure you have proper, educated guidance. Rebuilding a home or office involves much more than just the sequence of construction. For example, your PM will give you samples of your finishes in a coordinated, chronological order so you can follow the process and not feel overwhelmed. The PM’s job is to make sure you have good, quality information for all your selections and finishes at the proper time and in the proper order. Jim Black Construction also has a showroom at our facility, allowing you to view samples in comfortable surroundings and take your time in the selection process. We think that having a physical sample to touch, feel, and compare next to other selections provides a better personal experience to help you make your choices.

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Emergency Reconstruction for Residential & Commercial Fire & Water Damage

After an emergency affects your home or business, you need reliable reconstruction to set it right again. Whether you’re dealing with fire damage, water damage, or other disasters that have left your structure uninhabitable, the team at Jim Black Construction is here to help you with professional residential and commercial reconstruction services....

Service Whenever You Need It

When it comes to restoring your home or business after a disaster, your initial response is the most important. Jim Black Construction is available for emergency restoration — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can take rapid action to minimize the extent of any fire or water damage before moving on to reconstruction.
Our team will be onsite as soon as possible to assess the damage and take immediate action. With state-of-the-art equipment and over 40 years of experience, we can stop fire and water damage from destroying any more of your property than it already has and limit the risk of mold and other long-term effects.

Professionally Managed Residential and Commercial Emergency Reconstruction

When you choose Jim Black Construction for your fire or water damage reconstruction, you get a team of true professionals. We assign a project manager to each job we handle, and they’ll follow you through the entire reconstruction process from start to finish.
Our Haag-certified project managers ensure continuity and clear communication during your restoration. We’ll provide you with the full details of your current situation and discuss your options for emergency reconstruction. And as the process moves forward, we’ll work with you to define the details of interior and exterior design and finish choices.
Once your water or fire damage reconstruction is underway, the project manager will be ready to answer all your questions and will keep you up-to-date on the status of the project and its timeline. The project manager also ensures that all permits and coordinations are handled to avoid any unnecessary delays to your restoration.

Ensuring that Your Property Is Safe and Liveable

Our residential reconstruction services focus on providing a safe and healthy environment for you and your family after any disaster. The first steps to your reconstruction will be removing immediate risks and taking action to prevent long-term damage.
During our initial response, we can provide a range of services to deal with water, flood, fire, and storm damage. In addition, we will carry out an emergency board-up if the integrity of your home has been compromised. This ensures that its interior structure stays safe from the elements and pests.
If water continues to affect your home, we use specialty pumps for rapid removal. From there, we have a variety of state-of-the-art drying technologies to remove as much moisture as possible, reducing the risk of long-term water damage and mold.
Our team also works to safely deal with potential contaminants and chemical hazards. Flooding and backups can introduce biological contaminants to your home, which we remove through proper disinfection and sanitization. A fire leaves toxic smoke and soot particles behind, which our team removes and deodorizes.

Choosing Your Reconstruction Options

Once the immediate risk of further damage and any potential hazards are dealt with, it’s time to talk about your reconstruction options. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may require a variety of interior and exterior repairs and replacements. The team at Jim Black Construction is made up of experts from a variety of fields to handle every detail.
During reconstruction, you’ll have a wide range of design options to choose from. Your home or business doesn’t need to be rebuilt exactly as it was. Instead, you can explore a variety of options and select styles that best suit your home today.
The project manager assigned to your emergency reconstruction will go over all your options with you to help you find the right styles for your needs. You can also visit the showroom at our facility to take a closer look at samples and experience what those choices might look like in your home before moving forward.

Always Go with Professionals During Reconstruction

A sudden disaster can be a major upset to any home or business. However, trying to handle reconstruction yourself or going with amateurs can make the situation even worse. Instead, put your trust in a team with proven experience: let Jim Black Reconstruction handle your reconstruction the right way.
As an IICRC-certified contractor, we know how to ensure the safety and effectiveness of any restoration effort. We have five in-house divisions made up of specialists in different areas of restoration and reconstruction. This ensures that all the many tasks that go into your reconstruction are carried out by experienced hands.
It is in your best interests to choose professional reconstruction, as doing so allows you to prioritize safety and the durability of your home or business. Your insurance likely also has a variety of stipulations requiring professional repairs.
Choosing Jim Black Construction ensures that everything is done by the book and with the documents to smooth out your claim.

Comprehensive Structural Repairs

Fire and water damage reconstruction isn’t just about making your home look nice again; it’s also about ensuring the integrity of its structure. The team at Jim Black Construction has the specific skills and equipment needed to repair structural elements of your home or business.
We carry out architectural design and engineering when necessary to ensure that all important elements of your home are strong, safe, and up to code. Our team handles foundations, concrete, masonry, framing, roofing, and more.
With Jim Black Construction, you aren’t just getting a band-aid on your home’s problems. You’re receiving proper repairs that will leave it as strong and reliable as the day it was built.

Skilled Craftspeople All Under One Roof

Major water and fire damage reconstruction will likely require repairs or replacements for plumbing and electrical work. Instead of trying to deal with individual contractors, you can let Jim Black Construction handle everything under one roof.
Our plumbers, electricians, and other skilled craftspeople will handle every aspect of your reconstruction in the right way. We’ll restore the function of your home, and you can rest easy knowing that its vital systems have been handled with expert care.

A Beautiful Property Inside and Out

Of course, our team also carries out the elements of residential and commercial reconstruction needed to make your property beautiful again. We handle insulation, drywall, and painting and have a wide range of flooring options available. You can also have your pick of many styles of windows, cabinets, doors, and trim.
The team at Jim Black Construction works both inside and out. We handle roofing, gutters, and siding during your residential reconstruction. We even work with other features that may have been damaged during fire or flooding, such as decks, patios, and fireplaces.

Our Crews Work Clean and Safe

If you’re in need of water or fire damage reconstruction, you already have enough to worry about. That’s why our crews always work cleanly and safely on your property, ensuring that the repair goes smoothly without you ever having to lift a finger.
First, our team works with the proper protective equipment and gear during restoration and reconstruction. This ensures that everyone stays safe and healthy during and after the project.
You can also count on us to treat your property with respect. While some aspects of restoration can make for a dirty job, our crew keeps your property as clean as possible. And when we leave, we take any demolition and reconstruction debris with us to provide you with a truly pristine property.
That’s also true for commercial reconstruction. We can work with you to find a solution that has minimal impact on your business so you can get back to doing what you do best as quickly as possible.

Don’t Hesitate to Start Your Reconstruction

If your property has suffered water or fire damage, you should reach out to Jim Black Construction right away. Our initial restoration services can limit the spread of damage, so calling now is your best option.
Once your property is secure, we can discuss a wide range of reconstruction options and provide reliable quotes for commercial and residential reconstruction. Contact us today for a rapid response or to find out more.