JBC Offers Full Service COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting

By JBC - August 17, 2020

Jim Black Construction is here to help you stay safe and feel comfortable in your home or work areas. We offer full service covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting services for residence and commercial applications. Our knowledgeable staff can develop a remediation plan based on your concerns or actual positive exposures within your home or work areas. Our staff is fully protected and works with environmental hazards daily.

Safety is our top priority…your health and the health of our technicians is always at the forefront of our environmental services. Our staff is equipped with disposable coveralls, gloves and appropriate respiratory protection to be able to combat the virus safely.

Services we provide include:
  • HEPA vacuum pre-clean of dust and particulates within the suspect work area
  • Horizontal surface wet wiping and high volume items deep sanitation cleaning (phone receivers and key pads, keyboards, personal work areas, door knobs, sink handles, etc.)
  • ULV fogging application to entire suspect or desired area (fogging) to ensure all areas are disinfected.
Contact us to assist you in sanitizing after possible exposure, sanitizing a known covid-19 contained area, or precautionary or routine cleaning.

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